Shipping Policy

What are the shipping companies we use?

Delivery Location: Indonesia

Sicepat, JNE, J&T Express

When do we usually deliver?

Monday to Saturday

9AM - 5PM

How much does the delivery cost?

  • Prices and rates for every location are different, please carefully check with your chosen shipment.
  • For domestic rates, information is available at
  • For international shipment details, informations are available through our customer service at: +62 8112480704

Important Notes!

  • Payment(s) should be made 1x24 hours latest.
  • Shipping will only be processed once payments are made, completed and confirmed.
  • Due to the COVID-19 climate, please expect a delivery delay should there be a lockdown. We ask for your understanding and patience in this tough times. We will always try our best to update you.