Available Payment Methods
  • Debit/ Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard). Payments are made through Midtrans. This payment method is supported by 3D secure technology to ensure your online purchasing.
  • Inbound Transfer (E.g. Mandiri -> Mandiri).
  • Alfarmart
  • GOPAY Make sure that you have enough balance on your chosen platform of payment.s
  • Virtual Bank Transfer (BCA ONLY).Chose virtual payment, and make sure you’ve inserted our correct BCA Virtual Account (xxx-xxx-xxx)


Reasons why payments are declined:

  •  Insufficient Balance Please make sure you have enough balance in your bank account.
  • The account details doesn’t match with the information given.
  • Don’t forget to update all of your information to avoid payment errors.
  • Your account does not support online transactions. Contact your issuing bank to activate online payment services, than resume the payment.
  • The account is no longer available for use. Make sure you are using an activated, latest bank account for payment.
  • Exceeding Balance Please make sure you have not exceed the usage limit given by your banks.