Hello Kitty X Hijab Chic

Those are the expressions that every girl and woman will yell out, whenever they see Hello Kitty. A character that has become the best friend of every single empowered woman worldwide, from every age, every cultural background, and all kinds of beauty.

From having our first crushes, first job or first big steps in life, we want our sisters to always be excited, and be reminded that they can take on the world by simply being comfortable in their skin, just like how Hello Kitty always made us feel. Sometimes, all we need is just that one thing, every day to remind us how fun and loving we once were, and how we can still be, even with more challenges in life.

This collection will make girls and women feel like they too can be an icon, but still keeping their child-like curiosity that keeps us all youthful. Cute, chic, comfortable, and carefree. To bring out the good memories of how much fun we can have with our clothes, with our friends. Matching our t-shirts, bags, sharing those moments with each other, and to every Hello Kitty and Hijab Chic sisters out there. Bring out all of your colorful memories!

There’s nothing better than keeping our everyday easy, breezy, like Hello Kitty, giving us the confidence and chicness that we need to rock our day. Just like how we approached our customers in Hijab Chic, with comfort and sense of ease in styling. 

This collaboration will capture the soul of the modern women who takes their life seriously but eager to show their cute and chic personality through fashion. Just like how Hello Kitty’s signature bow is in every story, every campaign, every product. We aim to be the one staple piece that brings together the style of our sisters, and always with comfort as the key to Hijab-wear. 


The Hello Kitty X Hijab Chic collection will be available online on our website https://hijabchic.co.id/ ,reaching all of our sisters everywhere, also connecting us through the wide online community of Hijab Chic. With every piece made to highlight the fun, loving vibrant character of our sisters, we want this collaboration to represent how with a little bit of color and comfort, we can enjoy our days, making every day a kawaii moment to remember.



With Hello Kitty,
Everyone will feel pretty
And Chic
With HijabChic.